Our land navigation classes consist of classroom training and significant field time. Starting with the basics, you will learn terms like bearing, azimuth, reverse-azimuth, declination, intersection, resection, compass, protractor, latitude, longitude and pace-count. You will also learn to identify hills, valleys, ridges, saddles, depressions, cuts, fills, spurs, and other terrain features.

Using real tools and real maps, you will plot points, determine distances, azimuths, and reverse azimuths. You will also learn how to graph a two-dimensional side view of terrain.

Classroom time runs about 5 hours, but once complete, you will head outside into 535 acres of unrelenting terrain. Cliffs, hilltops, streams, public and private boundaries, roads, and significant forest coverage await you while you attempt to navigate in a cell-free area, leaving you only with the tools in your hand. 

From a simple layout covering only a few hundred square meters to an advanced layout spread out over 3 miles, there are many navigational courses to choose from.

All class participants receive a compass, protractor and ruler, while there is an optional Land Navigation book available. Classes start at $60 and run up to $100.

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